Hope all of your queries answered here.


Who is running this stunning E Shop?

Yes, It's me, Souparnika Holla. I am very much passionate about home decor. At present resides in Thane (Mumbai), working from home, proud mom to a two year old daughter.

Also I am Computer Graphic Artist by profession. I have worked as 3D Artist with multinational studios for acclaimed animated feature films. I have done my graduation In mass communication.

I do write two blogs from last couple of  years.  www.neelanjala.wordpress.com is about my thoughts flowing around. This blog is in my native language, Kannada. Another blog  www.allsoupis.blogspot.com is all about my passions towards life. Neelanjala is my pen name and also known as Soupi with my friends. You can google me if you are interested in knowimg me more.

How this shop born?

As a couple we enjoy traveling a lot. During our travel we collect art pieces. My choices are much appreciated in friends and relative cirlcle. Interested? Check my insta profile here.

Few years back, I noticed same art pieces are sold in a higher rate at online market, that makes not affordable to other art enthusiast like me. I come from middle class and there is a mindset in society which says, these art and crafts are for rich upper class people! I do not belive in this. Art has to be made affordable to all who are kneen interested. These crafts brightens our home and add more colors to our life. 

So, a simple idea of selling my sellection in a affordable prices took a form of this shop. I search for uncommon products which are not easily accessible everywhere. Few I keep for myself and many I sell in this eshop.

And I also wanted to give market place for unique crafters. Selling at online platforms requires time and knowledge. Till now I have showcased four of my friends work. From simple logo design, product photoshoot, item listing to shipping is taken care by me. I do help them in social media marketing. These all are without any cost, a simple formula of growing together! 

Why to Shop @ Craft khazana?

As the tagline mentions, Here you find unique, authentic, exquisite collection of art and crafts. These are personaly curated by me. I handpick each and every product, only to ensure our buyer gets the best item. That too in affordable rates compared to other online shops in India. Doubt? cross check for yourself. I can do this as no middlemen, commision agent is involved in the process.

And remind you, buyer can buy only a single product from each category. I am not in to wholesale business. That makes each aquisite a unique by itself. 


Yes, each product reaches you with certification tag by a curator assuring the fine quality. Craft Khazana guarantee you one thing, ie a happy smiling face when you hold your choice of product.. That is for SURE. Craft Khazana's happy, praising customers are growing day by day.


Mainly sourced from the local market. Till now Craft Khazana has collaborated with Krishna Fine Arts, Shubechchha Handicrafts, ShreeYa Classics, Ranes, Manali Craft and Saturn. Craft Khazana open for new collaborations. You can contact me at any time. Go to 'contact' tab and drop email.