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about ck

Who is behind CK?

This shop is passionately run by me, Souparnika Holla. I am Computer Graphic Artist by profession. I have worked as 3D Artist with a multinational studio for animated feature films. I have done my graduation In mass communication. I do write two blogs from last eight years. is about my thoughts flowing around. is about my passions and home. Neelanjala is my pen name and I also known as Soupi with my friends. You can google me if interested.


I am very passionate about arts and crafts. A simple idea of selling my decor collection took a form of a shop. I search for uncommon products which are not easily accessible everywhere. I handpick them to ensure quality and present to you at an affordable price. 

Why To Shop in CK?

As our tagline says, this is handpicked an exclusive collection of finest and authentic arts and craft. That too in affordable rates compared to other online shops in India.


Yes, each product reaches you with certification tag by CK curator assuring the fine quality. CK Guarantee you one thing, ie a happy smiling face when you hold your choice of product in hand. That is for SURE. CK's happy, praising customers are growing day by day.


Mainly sourced from the local market. Till now CK collaborated with Krishna Fine Arts, Shubechchha Handicrafts, ShreeYa Classics, Ranes, Manali Craft and Saturn. CK also open for new collaboration. You can contact me at any time. Drop email.


What is CK all about?

Craft Khazana, CK is a unique collection of handpicked Decor and Fashion Accessories. CK has collaborated with talented artists/craftsmen/designers and showcasing their works. CK also sells own branded handmade products. It's a different experience to shop here. Everything is carefully chosen just to bring that satisfactory shopping smile on you.